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What’s a Real Daughter?

I wish this question had come up under slightly different circumstances, but we can’t always choose! A Connecticut facebook writer noticed the damage done to the gravestone of a “real daughter.” You can read more about it here… and hopefully offer to help.

So, what is a “real daughter?” Real daughter is a term used by the Daughters of the American Revolution to identify a member who was a biological daughter of a Revolutionary War patriot. All members are called “daughters.” The statement is simply more accurate for these members.

Real daughters can be, and often are, honored by DAR with memorial plaques. If your “real daughter” hasn’t been honored, consider contacting your local DAR chapter to find out how to get a grave marked.

Why do you care? If you find one on an ancestor’s gravesite, you may be able to skip a few steps in your research. Their connection to a Revolutionary War patriot is likely document in the DAR library.

Happy research!


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