professional genealogy

Apparently I don’t fit the mold!

As part of this morning’s PMC keynote speech,’s CFO talked about their market profile. Apparently their ideal customer is over 55 and female. Since I’m no where near that, it made me wonder what makes us “young genealogists” unique.

Believe it or no, I think many of us where heavily influenced by our families. I started very early, actually second grade. When my class studied the Mayflower, my great-grandmother dangled the fact that one of our ancestors had been on the Mayflower. And the obsession begins.

What does this mean? Although the typical genealogist is still older, I’ve heard many comments from long time genealogists that they see more “young people.” That may mean reframing the market and looking at technological options to ease their research. It also means that those young people are taking something from learning about their family tree.

I’ve often wondered. Would teaching genealogy help make history accessible in the school curriculum? I’ve often heard genealogists mention how learning about their ancestors made their ties to the past stronger. Perhaps a little genealogy could deepen a child’s connection to a subject.


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