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“Outside the box” family reunion ideas

For some reason, family reunion planning is popping up everywhere! I guess we’re all ready for summer – and the possibilities of summer fun…

We all know the “tried and true” ideas – t-shirts and family trees  on the wall – but are there other ways you can honor your family history during a family reunion?

Here are just a few of my favorite ideas:

1) Change up the traditional t-shirt! Add photos of your direct ancestors. It will give different branches of the family a way to identify each other.

2) Create a family recipe book and try some of the recipes. Bring the originals to scan, add a transcription and now everyone has “grandma’s cookbook.”

3) Create a family video. Record interviews, take pictures of family heirlooms that fit those memories and voila, a keepsake! There are genealogist/editors who can help with the process. Click on “Editor” on

4) Use the time to sort through family artifacts. Perhaps they’re best suited to another branch of the family. It benefits everyone!

5) Start a family history… Borrow a genealogist if you’re overwhelmed! Search for someone local at

I have even more ideas on my Pinterest board!


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