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You can’t write dates as Month/Day/Year. Here’s why!

I’m in the process of error-checking a family member’s tree and noticing the same problem over and over – dates are written as Month/Day/Year. If you’re abiding by professional genealogical standards, you can’t write dates that way. Why does it matter?

Actually, it’s pretty simple. We’re the only country that uses the Month/Day/Year format. Everyone else writes Day/Month/Year. If you record your dates in numeric form, such as 1/3/15 for Jan 3, 2015, it’s easy to become confused. Someone from another country may see that as March 1st. Use Day/Month/Year and everyone knows exactly which day you mean.

Lessons from this: “professional” genealogy standards are simply designed to make things easier for all of us. If you don’t know what they are or if they don’t make sense, ask!


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