Civil War

Military Monday: Happy Memorial Day! Delving into the story of a Civil War soldier who died in service..

In the spirit of Memorial Day, I turned back to researching an ancestor I hadn’t looked at in a few years, Walter J. Bevans of Grantsville, Maryland. If family lore is correct, Walter was born in 1824 and died in April 1865, just days after the last Battle of Petersburg – in Petersburg.

If I’ve done my math correctly, that means he died of wounds sustained in the Battle.

So, why, with my Civil War research background, am I not thrilled?

Family lore states that Walter fought for the Confederate Army. If you’re not familiar with Civil War history, Maryland was occupied by the Union during the War. That means Walter left the area to join the Army.

Civil War service records are organized by name and regiment. If I knew where Walter went, I might be able to determine his regiment, as each company within the regiment was recruited from a specific area. If he had an uncommon name, it wouldn’t matter. I could search the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors database for a regiment. But right now, I have too many Walter Bevans to sort through…

I’m left looking at his children’s records, hoping one mentions his service.Wish me luck!


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