Ever thought about hiring a professional genealogist to save time in your research?

There are plenty of things I could do myself if I had time… Painting my house for example. But the last time I tried that, it took me three weeks to do what a professional painter could have done in a day. Hiring a professional saves me a lot of time and effort – leaving me the time to do things I’m better suited for.

The same rules apply for genealogy.

Hiring a profession doesn’t mean you can’t do your own research. Personally, I believe the opposite is true. My favorite clients are the ones that are very involved in the process and find it as exciting as I do.

What it does mean is that you have access to someone who can help you save time. I spent this morning hunting down a will a client needed. They didn’t know where locate a document from the early 18th century – I found it less than an hour.

The next time you think you’re spending too much time on a genealogy project… Maybe it’s time to hire someone to help.


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