5 reasons to learn how to use the GRS even if you’re not planning to join DAR

The GRS (Genealogical Research System) is the online database of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). Why should you learn to use it even if you don’t plan on joining DAR?

  1. It’s like searching thousands of family trees at once. Since DAR is a lineage society, its members have to prove a relationship to someone living in the Revolutionary era. Their family trees (minus the first three generations) are online and searchable.
  2. Unlike Ancestry, you can purchase the proof. If there is supporting documentation available for an application, you can purchase it online and download it. Quality will vary.
  3. You can find out where your ancestor served and how to prove it. Know that your ancestor served? Their entry in the ancestor database should list their service dates and location – and where the information came from.
  4. They have unusual records. If you’re looking for a Revolutionary War book or entry in a Revolutionary War manuscript, you can find the information in an index – and then order copies.
  5. They have Bible records! Bible records can be a huge help in tracing families before civil registration – if you can find them. DAR has a searchable database of over 40000 records.

Interested in learning about the GRS? There are still spots left in tomorrow’s class. Register online: https://www.maect.org/CourseCatalog/ScheduleView.asp?ScheduleId=6349


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