Mappy Monday: Five Map Collections You Never Knew the Library of Congress Had… and what else you may be missing out on!

If you hear the words “Library of Congress” and “maps” and think “Sanborn Fire Insurance,” you’re missing out… While the LOC does have the well known Sanborn maps, they also have a number of other map collections. Here are five that caught my eye:

  1. The Rochambeau Map Collection contains the maps used by the French soldiers who supported the American Revolution. What a great way to discover how the country looked to your Revolutionary War ancestors!
  2. Railroad Maps traces the American industrial boom. Did your ancestor work for the railroad? You might be able to trace the path of his line!
  3. Transportation and Communication Maps explain how your ancestors got around and talked to each other.
  4. Panoramic Maps offers a birds-eye view of 19th century towns. Just think, you can “see” how your ancestors lived!
  5. Louisiana teaches you all about the ancestors who lived in the Louisiana Purchase…

Want to learn more about the LOC collections? It’s not too late to register! Upcoming Conference


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