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New Year’s Organizing:4 Connecticut Places to Donate Genealogy Material #genealogy


If you’re like me, you’re scrambling to finish organization projects before going back to a normal schedule on Monday. So what do you do with the stuff you’ve cleaned out? Here are four Connecticut locations that will accept genealogy related donations:

  1. Godfrey Memorial Library, Middletown ( Godfrey accepts genealogy and family history books, as well as Connecticut local history books. If they can’t use the item, it’s included in their ongoing book sale  – so no matter what, it goes to a good cause.
  2. Russell Library, Middletown ( Do you have old maps of the Middletown area? The library welcomes map donations for their Middletown Room collection.
  3. Connecticut State Library, Hartford ( : Have historic manuscripts concerning Connecticut families? The CT State Library will often accept them.
  4. Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford ( CHS accepts Connecticut published material and can be a great home for local newspapers and magazines.

Good luck with the cleaning!


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