Connecticut and Luxembourg Research

Connecticut Research

The gravestone of Mrs. Abigail Strong at Portland, CT’s Center Cemetery.

Sometimes you just need local help. Grandma’s baptismal record could be at one of six churches. Great-great-grandpa’s birth isn’t in the Barbour Collection, but you’re sure it’s on file someplace. You’ve looked everywhere for your ancestor’s name, and you’re running out of ideas. Free help options are tempting, but they may not be good enough: they generally don’t have the time or resources to travel outside of town, and they may not know about all the local records.

So where do you turn? Charter Oak Genealogy proprietor and Connecticut native Bryna O’Sullivan knows the state’s records inside and out. From researching her own family, among Connecticut’s early settlers, to writing a master’s thesis on the ethnic development of one of Connecticut’s Catholic churches, she has spent years learning the area’s history and how its records function. As a full time professional genealogist, she can use her knowledge of the state’s records and the standards of professional genealogy to help you achieve your goals.

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Luxembourg Research

A street in Luxembourg City

Your family was part of the mass migration from Luxembourg to the United States between 1850 and 1920. You’ve exhausted the American records, but crossing the pond seems overwhelming. After all, Luxembourg has records in three languages, and you don’t speak any of them. How are you supposed to navigate the records?

There’s nothing wrong with calling some backup. After discovering that there were few English language resources to help her research her own Luxembourg family, Charter Oak Genealogy proprietor Bryna O’Sullivan spent years learning the ins and outs of Luxembourg’s records. Fluent in French and reading proficient in Latin, she can help translate records in two out of Luxembourg’s three official languages. She has established professional relationships with German genealogical translators, meaning that all three of Luxembourg’s “record” languages are fully covered. Whether you want assistance moving beyond a brick wall or tracing your family tree back an additional one or more generations, she can help.

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