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Trace your roots.

Have you always wondered where you came from? Do you want to know your family tree beyond your parents’ or grandparents’ names? Take advantage of my extensive experience tracing the roots of individuals who know little more than the names of their grandparents. Using what information you can provide, I can help you discover your … Continue reading Trace your roots.

Ready to hire?

Schedule of Fees Connecticut residents, add 6.35% sales tax. Research fee: $60 per hour, billable in four hour blocks. 2 hours must be prepaid. Ten hours or more prepaid will earn a 10% discount. Travel fees: Research travel will be billed as part of your research time. Outside researcher: Outside researcher fee plus 10%, which … Continue reading Ready to hire?

Genealogy Coaching

Have you always wanted to research your family tree and don’t know where to start? Have you been researching on your own and gotten stuck? Genealogy coaching provides a perfect solution. Depending on your personal needs, I can: create a research plan. answer questions review your work and more.   Special pricing available. Researching your … Continue reading Genealogy Coaching