Genealogy Classes and Lectures

As genealogists, we know the thrill of the successful hunt for an ancestor. There’s nothing like discovering the name of a missing great-grandmother. Her picture is even better! But those successes rarely happen by accident.

Instead, they happen when we build the skills and identify the resources we needed to learn more about our families. For some of us, that means learning how to use the DAR’s GRS System to learn more about our Revolutionary War ancestors. For others, that means learning French to translate our French-Canadian ancestors’ baptismal records. No matter our needs, genealogy classes and lectures can play an important role in helping us achieve our genealogy goals.

Charter Oak Genealogy proprietor Bryna O’Sullivan partners with a Connecticut adult education program to make genealogy classes available on a variety of topics.

Upcoming Genealogy Classes Connecticut:

Genealogy classes have gone on summer vacation. Hope to see you in the fall!

Only have an hour or so? Bryna works with public libraries, genealogy societies and other organizations to present lectures on a variety of topics.

Upcoming Genealogy Lectures:

June 1st: Using the DAR’s GRS, Godfrey Memorial Library. For more information:

June 25th, 1-5 and June 26th, 9-1: Genealogy in the Classroom, Godfrey Memorial Library. An intensive workshop on developing genealogy lectures and classes from idea to delivery. Intended for professional and aspiring professional genealogists. To register:

June 27th, 3:30: Researching your Mayflower Ancestors, Groton Public Library. For more information:

Are you an organization looking to develop a genealogy class or program? Bryna has an extensive list of possible topics and will be glad to discuss the next steps with you. Please contact us for more information.