French to English Genealogical Translation

Is a French language record stopping your research in its tracks? Machine translation and sample records only work if you can read the original document and if it’s modern French. But, if it’s hard to read or in old French, you’ve been stuck – until now!

As a French to English genealogical translator, Charter Oak Genealogy proprietor Bryna O’Sullivan has extensive experience working with hard to read documents and those written in unfamiliar forms of the language. From understanding abbreviations like aud. to knowing that old French used y where modern French uses i, she’s seen countless situations that would be unfamiliar even to many human translators. Whether she’s working with a baptismal record or a court document, she can use her experience to successfully complete your project.

She offers five options based on your needs:

  • A summary: Best used when you need to know what the document’s about before deciding how to proceed.
  • An abstract: For when you know you need the names, dates, and places but not the whole document.
  • A transcription: For when you can read the French – but not the clerk’s handwriting.
  • A transcription and translation: For when you need all the details but know the time period and location inside and out.
  • A transcription, translation, and detailed analysis of the record: If you’re new to the study of the region, the transcription, translation and analysis will help you figure out not only what the document says but how you can use it to learn more about your family.

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