Hire a French to English Translator for Genealogy

Are you working with French language records while building your family tree?

Do you know what a “dit” name is or what the expression “de cette paroisse” means?


If the answer is no, you should probably be working with a translator. An index usually only lists  a name and a date or time period. A word list may allow you to figure out a few dates, places and names but will not give you the rich details most documents provide. Translation software is often inaccurate.  A professional translator can provide you with an understandable version in English.

Why hire me?

Why choose me? I have a strong background in the language. I hold a BA in French Literature, am certification eligible in K-12 French, and teach French to adults on a regular basis. I am a member of the American Translators Association. Unlike most translators, I’m extremely familiar with historic documents. Someone who does medical or … Continue reading Why hire me?