Hire a French to English Translator for Genealogy

Are you working with French language records while building your family tree?

Do you know what a “dit” name is or what the expression “de cette paroisse” means?


If the answer is no, you should probably be working with a translator. An index usually only lists  a name and a date or time period. A word list may allow you to figure out a few dates, places and names but will not give you the rich details most documents provide. Translation software is often inaccurate.  A professional translator can provide you with an understandable version in English.

Sample Translations

Finding a place name in a document can be a crucial piece of the puzzle… When you find a place name, you know where the family was living and where to look for more records. So what do you do when you can’t read the place name?   The first step is to enlarge the document … Continue reading Sample Translations

Why hire me?

Why choose me? I have a strong background in the language. I hold a BA in French Literature, am certification eligible in K-12 French, and teach French to adults on a regular basis. I am a member of the American Translators Association. Unlike most translators, I’m extremely familiar with historic documents. Someone who does medical or … Continue reading Why hire me?