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Information Collected

Personally identifying information is only provided to us when you contact us directly. We use this information to respond to your requests and to accomplish your intended project. Any contact is voluntary and would be considered an opt-in. You have the right to revoke any previous gathering of information, request that portable information be transferred to another data controlling authority, update or correct your information or request that it be deleted.  We will not rent or sell your information to a third party and will release it only as legally required.

Aggerate data is collected by WordPress as part of the use of their site. Please see their privacy policy for more details. It is not personally identifiable and will not be sold or made available to a third party.

Use of cookies

WordPress uses cookies to ensure the functionality of its website, including third party plug-ins. You may use adjust your browser settings to block cookies.

This privacy policy can be changed at the website owner’s sole discretion. Please check back for updates.

If you have questions or concerns, or wish to exercise your rights over this data, please contact the website owner, Bryna O’Sullivan, via email at