Benefits of Lineage Society Membership: Sharing Your Love of History

If you truly love history, you’ll be in good company at a lineage society meeting. Here are a few ways lineage societies honor and preserve history:

  1. The General Society of Mayflower Descendants is organizing the preservation of the National Pilgrim Meeting House, a structure built on the site of the first pilgrim meeting house.
  2. The Jamestowne Society is supporting an archeological dig near the 1617 church at Jamestown.
  3. Most National Society Colonial Dames of America societies own, manage, and preserve historic homes. NSCDA-CT, for example, maintains Wethersfield’s Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum, a series of 18th and 19th century properties.
  4. Colonial Dames of America chapters each have a historic preservation project, ranging from long-term property management to short term funding of projects.
  5. In addition to local historic preservation projects, The Daughters of the American Revolution funds historic preservation grants.

And there are many more…

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