I want to join SAR (The Sons of the American Revolution). How do I begin?

The Sons of the American Revolution is open to men 18 and older (younger men can be non-voting junior members in some locations) who are descended from individuals who supported the American Revolution. The requirements for ancestral service are similar to those of DAR: signing of the Declaration of Independence; patriotic service, such as giving money to support the cause; military service, including being a soldier; and civil service, including holding political office.

Like DAR, SAR does not require an invitation. You can express your interest in membership through a four step process outline on their website. You’ll note that step one is to determine eligibility.

What does that mean? You’ll need to be able to document births, marriages, deaths, and the connections between generations from yourself back to the ancestor. Unlike DAR, SAR only requires that this documentation be provided for the person through whom the line runs (“line carrier”). So, if the line is through your mother’s father, you’ll need to document her birth, death, and marriage, but not your father’s. You’ll also need to document the ancestor’s service and their residence during the War. Be aware: some registrars may insist that you follow the more stringent DAR documentation guidelines.

Are there any shortcuts? Yes, SAR is unique among the major lineage societies in that it accepts DAR “record copies” (copies of the verified application that can be ordered using DAR’s GRS) as documentation under certain limited circumstances. So if your mother just applied for DAR, you might be able to use her papers to join SAR.

What does the process look like? Once you have your paperwork together, it’s reviewed by the chapter registrar, who forwards the documents to the state registrar for review. Once the state registrar has completed review, it is forwarded to national for verification. If you can’t reach the local registrar for some reason, many state registrars can assist in completing the first steps.

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