Grandma belonged to the Colonial Dames?

Yes, the fact that Grandma belonged the Colonial Dames may allow you to be considered a legacy candidate when you do your own membership – provided you’re applying to the same Colonial Dames.

This issue comes up far more frequently than one would expect. There are three societies who are sometimes referred to as the “Colonial Dames”
The National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century
The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America
, and The Colonial Dames of America. Since only a few communities have more than one branch of the organization, a family might grow up with the assumption that their local Dames is the only one in existence.

How do you tell to which society your ancestor actually belonged? Start by checking out the websites of the three organizations. The Colonial Dames of America only has chapters in certain cities. If your ancestor resided in a different one, you can rule it out. If you’re left with multiple options, politely contact the office of the national organization. They do keep membership records.

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