I’d like to work with a professional genealogist. Is there anything I can do to save time or money before I contact them?

Working with a professional genealogist is a great way to get your application completed. I often get asked if there’s anything a potential client can do to make the process easier. The answer is yes.

  1. Gather what records and family lore you are already have. Most people have their own birth and marriage certificates in the house, as well as birth or death records for a few other family members. They may also have family histories, previous research, and more. If you can put it together, you’ll save the genealogist having to repeat your family’s work.
  2. Order certificates for recent generations. In many states, death and marriage certificates are restricted for at least 50 years and birth records for 100 years unless you’re a direct descendant. Check the website of the state’s vital records office for details. The genealogist won’t be able to access the records but will need them to complete your project. Ordering them in advance will allow the researcher to delve into the rest of the work more quickly.

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Published by Bryna O'Sullivan

Proprietor of Charter Oak Genealogy, Bryna O'Sullivan specializes in assisting clients with lineage society applications and with French to English genealogical translations.

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