Just the research or research and the application? :A question you need to answer when seeking professional assistance with a lineage society application.

Not every offer of professional assistance with lineage society applications is created equal. When you’re searching for professional help with your lineage society application, it’s important to consider whether you need help with just the research or with the entire application process, including the application forms. Choosing the wrong option may slow down your application process.

What’s the difference? In the first case, the genealogist will focus on gathering the documents needed to answer a specific research question, such as “I think these are the parents of my ancestor. Can you please confirm?”. In the second, the genealogist will focus on completing the entire application. Some will even provide the completed paperwork for you to submit.

Is one option better than another? Think “better fit for my needs” rather than better. If you love doing your own research, the first option may be all you need. It can provide a way for you to call in some professional help if a specific generation is giving you trouble. If a busy schedule is keeping you from doing the paperwork, the second option will always the better choice. You may not need to find a different genealogist: some genealogists offer both – I do!

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Published by Bryna O'Sullivan

Proprietor of Charter Oak Genealogy, Bryna O'Sullivan specializes in assisting clients with lineage society applications and with French to English genealogical translations.

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