Lineage Society

What does a lineage society application cost?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer to that question. The cost depends on what society you join, where you join that society, and what portion of the lineage you need to document to complete your application.

Smaller societies may charge you only a lifetime application fee of several hundred dollars or less. Essentially, they’re charging you to review the application and to off set their activities fee by a small amount.

Larger, decentralized societies (the Mayflower Society is a prime example) vary their fee by the location you apply. Even though they may send the application to one place to be reviewed, these societies hold their resources locally. As a result, the fee you pay will vary based on local needs.

Larger centralized societies generally have a standard application review fee but will also charge local dues. This allows them to standardize where they can and then still meets the needs of the local organizations.

And then there’s the cost of the documents for your application. (More to follow…)

What does this mean for you? If there’s a budget concern, it’s best to ask about fees going in. Most societies are glad to clarify. They don’t want to shock you – or put in the time only to find you can’t pay the necessary fees to complete your application.

Lineage Society

Money Saving Tricks for Daughters of the American Revolution Applications

One of the most common points of panic about DAR applications is the cost. With vital record certificates running up to $30 a copy, an application to the Daughters of the American Revolution can get expensive quickly. But some careful planning can save money. Here are a few questions to consider:

Is the information I need already on file? DAR does not require you to resubmit documentation for information it has already validated, provided it meets current standards. Have someone who is comfortable “reading” the DAR system review what you need to submit before you start ordering. It can save hundreds.

Is that vital record required? As of March 2020, DAR permits submission of the death certificate to document birth if the death certificate includes the date and place of birth and the parents’ names. It’s an easy way to save the $20-$30 cost of a birth certificate.

Is there another way to get a copy? Not everything has to be ordered from the state vital records office. Town clerks, county recorders, and other local officials may have some leeway in the fee, and often turn around records much faster. FamilySearch has digitized many early vital records and has them available for free on their website.

Think before you order! The cost of the application will be much more manageable, and you’ll have money for suplementals.