Your Family History – The Career Development Tool You’ve Never Considered

You probably know the stereotypes: studying your family’s roots is a great retirement project for Grandma. But those stereotypes miss a powerful reality. Your family’s roots can also help you (and your kids) build a career. From funding your education to networking, understanding where you came from can be a key part of developing theContinue reading “Your Family History – The Career Development Tool You’ve Never Considered”

Benefits of Lineage Society Membership: Scholarships

Your lineage society membership can qualify you or your family member for scholarships. Here are a few of the many options: The Daughters of the American Revolution offers two scholarships specifically for children of members or their extended family. The Lillian and Author Dunn Scholarship is not subject specific; the Madeline Pickett (Halbert) Cogswell NursingContinue reading “Benefits of Lineage Society Membership: Scholarships”