…”nothing is certain but death and taxes.”

Benjamin Franklin’s quote may date to after the Revolutionary War, but the payment of taxes is considered to be a source of qualifying service for both the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution.

But which taxes? The Sons of the American Revolution requires that the taxes “support the War.” The Daughters of the American Revolution require that they be a “supply tax.” DAR further defines a “supply tax” as “money raised specifically to purchase material
aid such as clothing, food, and wagons to provide to the military and naval forces. (p. 18-19).
” So, in short, if your ancestor paid a tax to provide support for the military, you may have qualifying service.

Is there a list of the taxes that will qualify? DAR does not provide one, but instead asks that a copy of the legislation be included in the application. SAR, however, has created a list of qualifying taxes in several states. To view the list, visit https://www.sar.org/revolutionary-war-tax-research/. I often use the SAR’s list as a starting point to identify possible service, locate any copies of what an ancestor paid, and include the appropriate legislation if the application is to be submitted to DAR.

Please note: this list is not comprehensive. Other states, such as Connecticut, did pay supply taxes. Because the lists of those who paid have not been published – or in some cases, even located – they have yet to be included. If you can find the necessary documents, don’t hesitate!

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